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At Setting the Stage Redesign, I do everything to make sure my customers are satisfied with my work. Everything I do is born from a collaboration with each client, and I make sure they’re involved throughout the whole process to ensure they get the results they want. Here are just some reviews from my satisfied clients. Read what they have to say and contact me today!

Testimonials: Testimonial

Kristin~ This may be a little anecdotal, but it seems like every time you’re involved in the staging of one of my listings, the property sells! Case in point – this listing. The buyer purchased from Germany based on the virtual tour and onsite visit by his sister. I remember what that house looked like during my first visit. I was absolutely amazed at it’s appearance after your consultation with the seller. I am certain the staging played a big role in the contracting of this property, and as a part of my business plan this year I am considering the provision of your staging services on all my listings. Thanks again Kristin!

Our house is being inspected today! We have an offer and we are very grateful to you for your expertise and help. Our house backs up to a very busy road and it was proving very difficult to sell. Because of your beautiful staging we know you made the impact of the road less noticeable. The photos that you took after the staging made the house look as truly warm and inviting as it is! I know that those photos being out on the real estate internet sites had to have made a positive impact for getting people to the house in the first place. Thank you so much for your invaluable help! Mark & Alex

Thanks for sending all the photos. Everything looks so good now! Also, what a pleasure it has been working with you. We found some of your "movers" in the basement. We can figure out an exact time for you to get them or we can put them in a sack on the front porch (in an out of the way spot). Just let us know. Again, many thanks. Liz & Bart

You'll never guess???!!! One of the people who looked at the house on Tuesday before you staged it came back the next day and we now have a contract on the house!! You really do work quickly! We are just amazed! If everything goes as planned, we'll be closing at the end of the month! Thanks again! Nancy Larma

We really enjoyed working with you! Your energy and eye for things is remarkable. You found a great business to be involved in and we're so glad Diane knew about you! The flat screen was installed today and it is incredible! We're amazed at how beautiful the picture is! Stop by sometime and check it out. Thanks again! Mary & Todd

You are amazing! Our house was transformed in just a few hours and we have you to thank! Your eye is keen and we never thought our "knicknacks" could look so good! anks again for your hard work and professionalism. It was a joy to have to you in our home. Many thanks! Anne & David

These pics look awesome! I hope you get to look at Abby's pics when it goes to MLS as I took your advice and went on a little shopping trip and replaced towels, bedskirt, found some art for both upstairs bathrooms and a rug for the kitchen! Oh, and I bought pillows for the master bedroom and spare bedroom. Thank you again for making it possible to put our house on the market this week! We drove away with a sign in the front yard. SO excited! Thank you again!  Kendra

Thank for you for all you do! You’re awesome! One under contract, one to go! Kelly

Thank you so much for your help in getting my house put together! It looks great! I really appreciate all your suggestions. Jen Ewert

House just sold for $1300 over list price. Your expertis had a lot to do with our success! Thanks! Roger Dittus

Thanks so much for your work the other day with my clients. Your tact, patience, expertise and work ethic were certainly on display! I look forward to working with you down the road! Steve Balmer

Thanks so much again for a fun afternoon with terrific results! Will call you again! Leslie

Wow! What a difference on Breakwater Court. You are a very talented individual! Keep up the good work! Laura

Thanks again for all your hard work today.
 My husband and I think the condo looks fantastic--you're amazing! I will try to keep my house looking "Kristin-perfect" although I do wish you could redesign my house for every showing and open house! Thanks again for your time and hard work! Kelly

I did not think I had much to work with; Kristin arranged everything so that I felt like I had all new furniture and décor.  My husband was skeptical and now he absolutely loves it.  The rooms are so much more inviting and cozy.  It feels like a whole new house. Shannon Johnson

Jim and I want to thank you so much for the excellent job you did in redesigning our home.  You are amazing!  In a very short time,you worked a miracle!  Before you came in, our rooms simply held furniture.  When you left, our home was a cozy place to spend time.  Simple changes in the location of furniture pieces, placement of plants and lighting, and a few things in strategic places on walls made a world of difference.  And all of this from "treasures" (as you called them) we had around the house!  Most of all, we appreciate how comfortable you made us feel during the short process.  We knew nothing about decorating, and you did it efficiently and without judgment.   You are incredibly talented~ thank you for sharing your gift! Jim & Barb Culley

Well, our house is under contract pending the inspection tomorrow.  I want to thank you for all of your help with our selling process. I really think that  your design and vision helped us sell our house so quickly, so thank you again. Heather & Scott Larson


Thank you so very much for the fabulous job staging our home! I truly love it and had a blast! We have had tons of compliments regarding our home. Kindly,
Robin & Brad Nelson

Shenandoah is UNDER CONTRACT!!!! 
How about that??? Staged, and it sells in less than a week!! Dean Smith, CRS


Thank you so much for helping me stage my listing recently. It is obvious that you have a rare gift and I am looking forward to using your services again in the very near future.
 Kind Regards, Greg Roeder

Good Morning Kristin! Hey, the house looks great!!! Thank you so much! You did a lovely job! THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING! I think your special touches are REALLY going to help this place sell FAST! Sheila

I really had a great time working with both of you too and the pictures are wonderful and encouraging. I could never deal with this house without you and you are worth more than you charge. I am grateful you make it so practical and real.
Christine Voss

Staging was excellent…Got it under contract last night!!!! Jeff Williams

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