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Setting the Stage Redesign - Interior Redesign and Real Estate Staging Services in Fort Collins, Colorado
Interior Redesign
is like a "personal makeover" for your home. This unique process of rearranging a room's existing contents works whether your furnishings are old or new, if you have a little or a lot, all one style, or an eclectic mix.  What you currently own may hold the key to a brand new decorating theme. Whether your style is charming and cozy or ultra sophisticated, Interior Redesign can help you achieve your goals without spending a fortune. Kristin works with what you already have to revitalize the room reflecting your personality, preference, and style...all without having to purchase anything new and completed in just one day! 

Interior Redesign is the perfect solution for:

  • Achieving a stylish comfortable room using
    placement over purchase.

  • Creating a visual experience and a theme of
    emotional warmth using existing furnishings,
    artwork and accessories.

  • Creating a cohesive and attractive space by bringing together unrelated elements such as mismatched furnishings, different styles, colors or conflicting themes.

If you have become overwhelmed when making decorating decisions and the idea of hiring an interior designer may be intimidating or financially out of the question this is your solution.  Interior Redesign is the affordable alternative to interior design.


after redesign
redesign before colorafter redesign
redesign after color


A preview of the home is done at no cost and generally takes 15-30 minutes.  This is done to assess the property, to complete a proposal/bid for a project, to determine if assistants are required and to determine whether the homeowner needs to complete anything prior to the project.

Redesign Consultation - For the homeowner that is looking for some guidance and direction before beginning a decorating project.  A detailed report listing suggestions is provided.

Move-In Service - Meet the homeowner(s) and/or movers at the home on moving day to help place and balance furniture, artwork, and accessories.

Color Consultation - To help define a source of color inspiration for your home and to assist you in selecting your color preferences.

Accessory Purchase and Placement - If after  a Redesign accessories are still needed or  desired  Kristin can help assist with locating and placing those items.

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before color
redesign before color
after color
redesign after color

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